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Scraboku Poem

"Sweet Innocent Numbers"
by The Creator of Scraboku
Miss Laurie E. Bendickson

Sweet Innocent Numbers are here to say,
We want to help you in a wonderful way,
We have lots to offer 'til the day is done,
So come on along and we'll have some fun.

Scrabble is lots of fun to play,
Making up words in every which way.
Sudoku has it's numbers to share.
People love to play them everywhere.

So let's bring them together 'cause  they make a great pair.
Scraboku will help you advertise your business everywhere.
Scraboku enjoys Choosing The Right every day!
In all that does: at home, at work, at school or at play.

Letters start words of all kind,
So here's something important to keep in mind.
Scraboku can spell good words and bad,
It can spell words that are happy or sad.

So be careful of the words you choose,
Bad words will only make you lose.
So  keep you thoughts clean,
And choose nothing that is mean.

Be kind to others every day,
In all you do and all you say.
So go ahead and spread the word,
Scraboku will get you heard.

You can send a message of good cheer,
And wish them well all the year.
You'll be having lots of fun,
Playing Scraboku until the day is done.

It will help you advertise your products and services in a brand new way.
It has so much to offer, I couldn't list them all today.
It's all brand new and uncharted,
Just  click on this link to get you started!

Click here to read the true story of "Sweet Innocent Numbers"

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