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Current poll:
Chad Prather is a great speaker on a wide variety of subjects and he is extremely straight forward and honest about them. Would you want him to run for the office of our next President of the United States of America?

Yes, I would want Chad Prather to run for the office of the President of the U.S.A. and I would most definitely vote for him.
No way, he talks way too fast for anybody to understand what he is saying.
I prefer somebody else for office.
After the way this last election went, I don't plan to be voting for anybody.
It doesn't matter who we vote for, the Electorial College makes the decision anyways.
I am not registered to vote.
I vote strictly for whomever is on the Republican Party.
I vote strictly for whomever is on the Democratic Party.
When it comes to politics, I wish there was a Cowboy/Cowgirl Party.
Never mind the politics...Let's just have a party!!!
I want to abolish the Electoral College.

Past polls:

No polls are available.
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