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Guestbook Submission NO, NOs

When it comes to making
Guestbook Submissions
this is vital information
and is a really big


Dear Visitors of All Nationalities,

I want to first thank you for taking the time to read this important discovery that I made.

This message actually applies to all areas of this website as well as  CTR Clubhouse,  CTR Every Day and  Fallon Fun. It is absolutely vital that all entries are made in the English Language Only.

I tried an experiment using the Russian alphabet, to see what would happen. This software will more than likely reject other languages other than the one I conducted the experiment on as well and will either turn it into gibberish or will make it appear to look like spam when it really isn't.

I conducted this simple experiment to prove my theory. I went to the Google Translator and typed in this simple message in English, "This is a beautiful website. I love what you have done." and then I did a printscreen of what it looked like in Russian so you could see what it looked like in this graphic:

Then I copied both of them into the Guestbook submissions to see what would happen and this is a printscreen of that:

At this point, you would never guess that something totally weird would happen and what you entered would turn into spam, but it does. Notice all the zig-zag red lines beneath the Russian words? When you get done filling out the form and submit the entry with that in it, this is what it turns into on my side, a whole bunch of spam, except for the English words at the beginning:

Now we all know that, "the United States of America is the melting pot of the world", made up of every nationality there is, so to be judging one another based on language alone is just messed up. So by all means, please do make all your entries in English Language Only, so I don't accidentally misjudge you to be someone that just likes to put silly spam on my website. You can certainly see how that can easily happen.

That's something that happens all the time here in a America. You go to pay someone a nice compliment in your own language and because the other person doesn't understand you, they think you just insulted them or something. Then the next thing you know a fight happens. How dreadful! So before anybody gets their feelings hurt, I just wanted let you know what happens when you don't use the English language like I need you to on my websites.

Also, another really big NO, NO that is not allowed anywhere is sexually explicit graphics or sexually explicit language. When you do put a link to them in the Guestbook submissions or anywhere else, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM USING MY WEBSITE! Remember, this is a Family Friendly website! When it comes to graphics and entries, don't forget the Clean Thinking Rules!

Thank you for your time!

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Your CEO


Please visit our Terms of Service for important additional information regarding making listings on our websites.

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